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Cllr Jim Martin - 0:00:08
good evening and welcome to the meeting of post-White district council cabinet.
This meeting will be webcast live to the internet, for those who do not wish to be recorded or filmed, you'll need it to leave the chamber
for members officers and others speaking at the meeting. It is important that you use the microphone that microphones are used, so viewers on the webcast and others in a room maybe.
would anyone with a mobile phone, please switch it to silent mode as they can be distracting, I would like to remind members that, although we all have strong opinions on the matters under consideration, it is important to treat members officers and public speakers with respect, thank you very much.

1 Apologies for Absence

so if we can start off with apologies for absence, Gemma,
Ms Jemma West - 0:01:05
we've received apologies from Councillor Schofield and Councillor Holgate, who may be late or may be giving him apologies entirely.

2 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Jim Martin - 0:01:14
right thank you very much, a declarations of interest,
thank you, you're on
interest in 40 items 14 and 16 as a director of Purple Park LP okay,
Cllr Rebecca Shoob - 0:01:26
jolly good, do we have any other?

3 Minutes

Cllr Jim Martin - 0:01:30
declarations OK, thank you, I'll move on then, so the minutes
to consider and approve as a correct record, the minutes of the meeting held on the 14th of June.
are those minutes agreed
agreed, thank you very much,
just do that now.
thank you.
so, moving on to item for

4 General Fund Revenue 2022/23 Provisional Outturn

the general fund revenue 22 23 provisional outturn pages 11 to 24 in the pack,
Councillor Bryter, do you want to pick it up?
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:02:28
thank you, firstly, an apology my voice has been going all day, so I am losing my voice and my apologies if that does not happen during the course of the evening, to will involve.
in the if it does hold out, I said I apologise for that, the report in front of you as we know it summarises the 2022 2023 provisional outturn position of the General Fund Revenue Expenditure compared with the approved budget for the council last year and the good news is that the final General Fund outturn shows an underspend of 993,000 pounds compared to that which was budgeted.
some of the reasons for that underspend include that underspends have arisen from additional grants or income received in the last quarter of the year that wasn't expected some of it from planned management action to reduce spending in the year. some of it or an additional section 31 Grant received in 2022 23, and there's an underspend in interest payable, as the council has managed to reduce its borrowing costs in 2022 23 as a detailed breakdown in the report and all variances over 40,000 pounds and VAT as Appendix A
I think I will.
justice, a summary of a few other points, so you've got a general fund reserves and balances. so if you look at 2.00.1 8 in your reports, you've got the combined ear marked reserves, and General Fund reserves now stand at 22 point to 7 million, which is higher than the forecast balance of 20.6 to 7 million.
and it should be noted that the underspend of 993,000 will be added to that general fund reserve following Cabinet approval, which will increase the general fund reserve to 5.2 1 5 million that sounds like great news, apart from the fact that the medium term fine medium term financial strategy it suggests that we are going to spend 16 million pounds of that in the course of the next four years
5 million minus 16 makes a scary number for Lydia.
so that is why we have so much work to do on the budget in the course of the next year.
budget carry forwards to 2022 3 24, so to this year
each financial year, the government's risk that we've received a number of grants and from the government, and some of them are ring fenced, which means that they can only be spent on a specific activity so as a part of what's in front of you here provisional carry forwards of 1,252,691 pounds, which is wildly accurate, have been approved by the section 1 5 1 officer, as budgeted revenue expenditure, which was budgeted for last year but it's going to be carried forward to this year and Appendix 2 outlines the proposed carry forwards by service area
I'll rest my voice there.
thank you very much, Councillor Procter, are there any questions,
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:05:33
comments or?
can I move the recommendations?
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:05:41
Councillor Pritchard has moved the recommendation, would somebody care to second?
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:05:48
Councillor Piquemal, all those in favour, please indicate.
anyone against.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:05:58
any abstentions.
the next carried.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:06:09
okay and moving on to Item 5, housing, revenue accounts, revenue and capital, financial outturn 22 23 pages 25 to 36, and it's Councillor Procter once again.

5 General Fund Capital Programme Provisional Outturn 2022/23

Cllr Tim Prater - 0:06:25
we're gonna go with item 5, not item 6, if that's OK,
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:06:31
it's fine, I'm fine, thank you
if you're trying to throw me off at work yet really in play.
the so again. as with the previous report we are, this is the marking of somebody else's homework, I'd like to thank the officers and team for the marking, which I think is excellent,
the homework of the previous administration met.
the provisional capital outturn for the General Fund capital programme for last year is 17.629 million which is a reduction of 3 point 3.256 million compared to what was budgeted for the year full details are shown in Appendix 1 to the report, so the main reasons for that net reduction so things that we didn't spend money on that we wanted to are due to slippage across various projects those slippages include coast protection or land remedial works, district street lights and the IDF capital project.
capital schemes are more difficult to project accurately, exactly when they're going to be done and in terms of expenditure and in terms of the final cost.
which you can see, but as a 3 billion pounds row rollover effectively over 20 million pound budget but the council,
they believe remain on track to deliver those schemes within the approved medium term capital programme
and I'll move the recommendations,
thank you very much would someone care to second that?
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:07:59
Councillor Fuller,
are there any questions or queries or
comments to make?
so all those in favour, please indicate.
those against.
any abstentions,
and I think that's carried, thank you very much.
moving on, our next item is indeed the housing, revenue, account and capital financial outturn 22 23.

6 Housing Revenue Account Revenue and Capital Financial Outturn 2022/23

and it's Councillor Procter again.
promise this stop soon.
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:08:38
the report summarises the 2022 23 provisional outturn for the HSI, which are a housing account revenue expenditure and capital programme, the revenue account, as of the 31st of March 2023, shows an overall draft position of a decrease in net expenditure of 1.1 8 4 million and a full breakdown is provided within Appendix 1 main reasons for that are decrease in revenue contribution to capital increase in interest and investment income decrease in supervision and management expenses, decrease in repairs and maintenance and an increase in depreciation charges of fixed assets.
the housing revenue account reserve overall at 31st of March 2023 is expected to be higher at 7.00.1000000 compared with the 6 million in the original approved budget.
in terms of the capital outturn, and this is where the marking is always hard on the Housing Revenue account, because there are often slippages, but there is an underspend of 5.1 million pounds which is due to slippages in new builds and acquisitions, thermal insulation, re-roofing, rewiring fire protection works windows and doors and treatment works, and I'm sure that we would all hope that those things are going to be done as soon as possible and they are now profiled into this year to be done. So those under spends and slippages are profiled into future years for those projects to be completed. They're not lost, they will just they will be done later, but obviously we'd hope that they're going to be done as soon as possible, I will, with the recommendations of this report as well.
thank you very much, would someone care to
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:10:19
thanks very much for seconding Councillor Shrew, thank you any questions or comments or.
OK, so we have, I propose that we have a seconder
those in favour, please indicate.
thank you very much anyone against any abstentions.
so we now move on to the

7 2022-23 Annual Performance Report and Draft KPIs 2023-24

Cllr Jim Martin - 0:10:51
annual performance report and draft Capie eyes pages 55 2 1 1 2 in your pack and it's Councillor Procter.
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:11:05
again, this is a a marking of the her work report marking of what was done in the last year and scoring and rating where we got to report sets out how the Council.
the formed for local people in the district in 2022 23 in relation to the pro priorities which were documented in the corporate plan called creating tomorrow together and gives amendments to those key performance indicators that be used to monitor progress at during the 2023 24 year.
the Council continued to pursue its agenda in 2022 23 as set out in Appendix 1,
I think it shows a lot of hard work and resilience across the organisation in trying to deliver those priorities in the Corporate Plan, section 2.2 of the cover report sets out some of the highlights of the 22 23 year
and those achievements have been attained despite, obviously, the ongoing financial challenges is including associated with inflation and the cost of living crisis on the council's operations,
and therefore you will see that in a number of areas of performance measure by KPI as they have fallen short this year as set out in Appendix 2,
section 3 of the cover report sets out the changes to the Capie eyes for 2023.
2023 24 years,
that list has been reviewed and the majority of indicates remain exactly the same as they were last year, but there are then some minor amendments for completeness and transparency, the proposed changes made to the KPI as for this year, against 22 23 as set out in Appendix 3 and then a full clean list is found at Appendix 4.
I don't know if you think that iconic
the the finance and performance sub-committee chaired by Conor looked at this report, and indeed the other outturn reports, I should have thanked him for their work in reviewing those budget reports previously,
they've been through and reviewed
this document and the minutes of that meeting have been shared with fellow cabinet members.
2 KPI is within the Appendix 3, the number of community events held and projects delivered, a new KPI to be introduced. Number of Community Safety projects delivered. They've been rewarded following feedback from the
from the finance subcommittee,
and because they didn't feel that the wording read well and frankly, I agree with them, and Gavin has taken that on and has made those Minister with detail. Thank you very much indeed for that. You just clarifies what those to read
commentary will also be provided against each of us in quarterly reports so effectively see these key key KPI as coming forward, and you can see how we're doing and are running through the year.
the committee also offered us a additional recommendation to add a KPI
Amat KPI that they'd like to add would believe that a further KPI as introduced in the housing section, which looks to measure how many houses the council has to get has to get to mpc grade C either find through the decarbonisation fund or the Council's own housing revenue account so that gives us a much clearer target of where we're at in terms of delivering all houses to IPCC standard by 2030 and how we're performing against that.
I'd like to move the recommendations on this report and include that at that recommendation, from the
from the Finance subcommittee.
so I'll include that recommendation in moving that as well.
OK, thank you very much,
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:14:48
so that's not an amendment, you're just emphasising the notice,
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:14:53
it's a decision or recommendation, I think so effectively got the recommend that the four recommendations on the report in front of you adding a fifth recommendation,
which is that a further KPI be included within the housing section which looks to measure how many houses the council can get to E P C grade C, either through the decarbonisation fund or the Council's own housing revenue account the wording of that is with officers.
Gavin can make sure it goes to the right officer, yet both the minutes.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:15:25
OK, so, do we have, can we just vote on that as one, or do we need to vote on the amendment?
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:15:33
Ms Jemma West - 0:15:35
because Councillor Prater is proposing it as an extra recommendation, that's fine, so we just need a seconder.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:15:42
OK, jolly good, so we've got a proposal that includes the additional recommendation, do you have a seconder?
or possibly more, thank you very much, Councillor Lakmal,
so those in favour, please indicate.
those against
any abstentions.
the next carried, thank you very much,
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:16:05
can I just thank Gavin and the officers for all of their work on that it's a substantial document and it's a lot of work and are very grateful for their support in producing it.
older people don't get it.

8 Information Governance - Data breaches update

Cllr Jim Martin - 0:16:19
terrific and so item 8 information governance data breaches, update pages 1 1 3 2 1 2 2 in your pack, and it's Councillor Gary Fowler,
thank you Chair,
Cllr Gary Fuller - 0:16:33
so this report came about because of some concerns raised by the Finance performance Scrutiny Sub Committee in March.
the broad picture is that
there's been quite an increase in the number of subject access requests and also
data breaches that are being reported.
but the main reason for that is that there is more awareness raising going on in saying
the this slippage, in terms of the actual
timelines, had a lot to do with that increase and also to do with some staff turnover, but effectively the aim is to
continue training all staff to make sure that they are aware of of what constitutes potential data breaches, making sure that they are reported in a timely fashion
and also thanks to the development of some new reports and sounds for system it should be possible to target training to particular areas that are struggling to meet those targets.
I move the report
jolly good
and do you have a seconder?
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:17:41
Councillor Pryke, second, any questions or UK accounts, I understood all of it, I have to say, but I'm I'm confident, it's been dealt with
completely out of my comfort zone, listen
okay, those him, yeah those in favour please indicate.
those against
any abstentions.
that is carried, thank you very much.

9 Princes Parade hoardings - Next Steps

moving on to Item 9, which is the prince's pride holdings next step.
pages 1 to 3 to 1 2 8 in your pack and and this one is ne
sorry the report six cabinet cabinet approval to allocate funds from the existing Princess Parade implementation budget to scope out the next steps required to remove the holdings from the site a further report will be brought back to Cabinet to consider the full implications and proposed next steps the report also informs the Cabinet of the associated immediate actions that need to be addressed. following the expressed desire to rescope the place shaping activities on the site.
so you, you may recall,
when we when I talked about this earlier, I referred to a Gordian knot of complexity, well this is trying to unravel some of that
it's a step at a time, so things aren't moving quietly as quickly as I'd hoped, but they are moving.
and I'm happy to move the motion.
Councillor preacher, are you seconding
very much yeah?
the vote in favour
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:19:34
of Cook I speak to yeah.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:19:37
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:19:39
as you say, I don't think that you've given yourself enough credit in this
without wishing to come over all Hollings, be
this, this is a first and very large step in a in the direction that we are seeking as an illustration, this will get the holding down
so that people are clear about it that doesn't mean that we run up there tomorrow with a screwdriver which is a shame but we're not licensed in the use of screwdrivers, there is a piece of work to go through in terms of how to make sure that what's behind there is safe make sure that if there are areas which are not safe that they will be appropriately fenced off, make sure that the piece of work that the work is undertaken in a secure way but it is the app that will be done with as much pace as possible.
I'll be done this week and is a way,
but it will be done with it will done as much pace as possible, it is a priority of this administration, it's great to see a paper here so early doing so and we look forward to it coming down and that is why I'm so happy to second this we will get the holding down around Princess Parade as soon as we can.
thank you very much for that 0 Councillor speaking,
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:20:56
yes, we know we recently.
Cllr Jeremy Speakman - 0:20:58
hi the pool I just wanted, I noticed area about looking obviously the ongoing maintenance requirements from that we have, so can I take, we have an ongoing commitment to keep that pool going as as far as practically possible, because obviously it has a great,
affection amongst people in Hyde just want to get yeah,
I'll it's it's open, it's an asset, we will continue to to maintain that as as as far as we possibly can, though there is no change in council policy around that
there may be some other things that we bring forward in the coming months about HIV pool, but that will be a separate Koch. Will we're decoupling, Hive Paul from Princess Parade via this paper, so high pool will be discussed separately
as far as I know, there is nothing then then what you said that we will continue to maintain, it will stay open and until someone tells me otherwise, that's what I believe, I just
think we will be reassured to know that thank you very much.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:22:07
so we have a proposer on very happy to second this
our proposal, sorry, Councillor casa, Prior is very happy to second it as very good, so those in favour, please indicate it's
jargon, I think it's unanimous, but anyone against.
any abstentions.
that's carried, thank you.

10 Green and Blue Infrastructure Action Plan

Cllr Jim Martin - 0:22:31
item item 11 is the draft a district-wide carbon plan pages 1 9 1 0 sorry green.
the big one. Sorry Item, 10 Green and Blue infrastructure action plan 1 to 9 to 1 90. This is me as well.
The Green and Blue infrastructure Strategy is an evidence-based document for the local plan and other planning documents, as well as being a material consideration for planning applications. It could also provide information for other initiatives and joint working. The strategy has been subject to engagement and consultation with specific groups, organisations and councillors since work commenced and led to the publication of a priorities and opportunities summary document for a final district wide consultation earlier in the year, this proposal, this report provides a summary of the representations received and the proposed changes to the strategy. And those of you who have read it will realise it is a huge document that is
very, very, very detailed, very, very comprehensive,
and I would like to in concluding extend my thanks to the officers
everyone who's contributed to this because it is, I
substantial, an authoritative document, so I'm very grateful to you, thank you very much.
happy to propose it
could I have a seconder.
Cllr Mike Blakemore - 0:24:19
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:24:21
happy to second, I was just going to come in and say also, I think
Cllr Mike Blakemore - 0:24:23
it's an excellent document, a very, very valuable document. and as we talked about previously, it will be well worth us sharing it in a slightly more digestible,
concise form, because I think it is of great value for us to do that and share that with people in the district your interests, I look forward to
helping with that in any way that I can
but very happy to second.
Councillor Pryor,
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:24:49
thank you, I also like to welcome the document is really
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:24:51
authoritative and really well written, so thank you very much indeed for your work and it's important as one area that I'd like to count here, because it's not just a green and blue infrastructure and the sounds very much that it's just environmental, but it's not. It includes other areas as well, so in including things like heritage
and the impact that there has on tourism. So I'm just picking out one area here where it talks about the strategic priority of ensuring heritage is recognised in that in its interpretation and tourism, that we should be promoting and enhancing heritage assets that will be including excessive, but improving accessibility of our heritage sites through sustainable transport links be identifying heritage and local distinctiveness which can be used to guide future development.
identify and protect important viewpoints of heritage assets and make sure that the historic natural environment is respected and interpreted and protect archaeological sites and promote public awareness and access where possible, and I'm sure we are going to take
at due heed of that as we look at new potential uses for Princes Parade the history of the Royal military canal, its setting its viewpoints and how that connects together with the sites at Shorncliffe. with a some of the earliest military history dating back to 17 93 earthworks, redoubt their down the sandy lane with a first world war trenches, etc how we get those to join up, communicate turn that into a piece of living history that people can actually communicate between those with an environmentally sustainable way and use that as a use. That's a driver to tourism to our area, which I think is very important, that we don't just look at these things as things that you have to a potentially concerns in terms of open their drivers to they help make things happen
and our heritage and our tourism are as much a part of that as anything else. Nurse and very exciting opportunities around that that don't involve building on it, thank you.
terrific thank you very much, yeah I R, can only you know, hardly
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:26:57
agree with both both speakers, we will.
try and get a nod at another, can we can't do a condensed version, it's universe, but we will try and communicate something of a flavour of what's in the document in a in a simplified accessible.
because it is, it is just jam, packed full of really really good stuff,
everything that Councillor Prater says I agree with, but also the the sections on the sensitivity of Romney, Marsh Arthur were was particularly good.
you know just just just very, very good, regenerative farming, which rose
you know, the the importance of of biodiversity, this this document touches all of our lives if you live in or in the district, and so I, I'm very, very pleased to
propose it,
Councillor Blackmore has seconded so those in favour please indicate.
those against
any abstentions that's carried, thank you very much.

11 Draft District-wide Carbon Plan

Item 11 at district wide carbon plan pages 1 9 1 2 2 5 8,
a draft wide
carbon plan is being prepared for the council to play a leadership role in promoting partnerships
for a carbon neutral district, as set out in the Council's climate change and ecological emergency declaration this report presents the draft, a district wide carbon plan to Cabinet, to seek approval, to consult on the plan so ready to go out to consultation.
and I'm happy to.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:29:04
move the motion, do I have a seconder
at Cannes, Councillor Speakman, thank you very much, would anyone care to speak to this or Councillor Procter,
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:29:18
just very briefly, I wanted to name-check and Frank Leslie Whybrow for her work over the last three years as Cabinet Member for the Environment and without which work this wouldn't be here right now
he'd worked.
incredibly hard to make sure that this had, as have brought to this stage for now, and that it's ahead of us so early in this full year cycle, I'm sure we would have got there, we'd got there considerably slower, without Leslie Whybrow and the work that she did I'd like to thank for that and on the record.
hear hear to that.
anyone else wish to comment
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:29:54
sorry, a cancer stroke,
thank you,
Cllr Rebecca Shoob - 0:30:01
yeah absolutely
reiterate what Councillor Prêtre 7th
great great piece of work and all credit to two Ledley Whybrow as well,
just a quick comment on the questionnaire.
I think it's section 4 challenges, risks and opportunities.
it says it outlines some opportunities that climate change presents to the district,
I think if you read the actual plan, it's clear that it's not
opportunities presented by climate change, it's
opportunities to address the problems of climate change.
and I just wondered if we could just tweak the wording in that, because.
it may be that people
think read the plan in full when they respond and it just sort of is quite triggering, I think that
that that just
makes it look like we don't understand
climate change and the problem that it is a when clearly
the the report
the plan clearly reflects reflects a the deep understanding of it, and I think as well.
this the questionnaire.
it is obviously worth the whole plan is quite high level
and it would be good,
I obviously appreciate we have to consult on this,
put it out to consultation, but it would be good to find some other ways to.
just engage with people, and I think Scrutiny did make the the suggestion about some sort of more bite-size
opportunities to ask people how they know what their thoughts are about different topics
so yeah, it'd be good to to give more opportunities to people, to to respond, to engage with the whole subject and on a more
informal way going forward so that we can you get that feedback.
yeah, what people really think and feel
in their day-to-day lives about how how it's yeah, what they need to do, what we can do and how it plays out
Stephen thoughts on that, thank you
Councillor Shrew, would you be willing to work with officers just to
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:32:37
get that tweak right?
yeah yeah.
Cllr Rebecca Shoob - 0:32:44
anyone else wishing to speak to this or so.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:32:48
can I ask all those in favor to please indicate?
anyone against
any abstentions. jolly good.

12 Electric Vehicle Charging Points

OK, I'm moving on to Item 12 electric vehicle charging points pages 2 5 9 2 2 6 8 and you'll all be very grateful to know that it's Councillor Polly Blakemore that's going to speak to this one.
this report
Cllr Polly Blakemore - 0:33:22
provides an update on the off-street electric vehicle charging points, it has been a hugely successful rollout over the past year just over a year,
and there are now 103
charge points in council car parks right across the districts and you'll be able to see from the appendix just quite how good the uptake
has been and how many charged sessions there have been.
the next step is to move that to the on-street
there are,
there was a target of, or prediction that we will need 369 charge points across the district by 2030,
and obviously everybody is going to need access to those, not just those of their own front, drives.
so I know 369 will not just be Council, provided that obviously includes the private sector as well.
marked Kent County Council have received a.
the funding from the Department for Transport
of 800,000
pounds from the Local
electric vehicle infrastructure fund, and they've approached us to
to embark on his trial with them, along with two other districts in Kent, Gravesham and Tunbridge,
we are at the vanguard of getting the off-street
charged points
up and running, so we would like to do the same again with
with on the street, and this trial will enable the learning of the end-to-end process, from rightful site selection to installation and, if successful,
will continue to
roll out within 12 months.
if approved today, tenders were could go out in September and installation start by the end of the year, and it's not going to cost the Council anything, it's going to be 60% funded
by government and 40% by the supplier.
just one
couple of things to note
in as additional potential sites in Canterbury Road Hawkins, which isn't in the appendices but has been has been added.
and also just as an amendment to the third recommendation at the choice of locations for the trial be agreed by the cabinet member for transport would like to add following consultation with Ward Town and Parish Councillors to that recommendation,
OK we OK on it, Jamie you happy same rule applies, yeah, OK, so with the additional recommendation you're you're happy to move the motion
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:36:10
yet, Councillor Ryan, that recommendation and could I have a second?
Cllr Polly Blakemore - 0:36:12
Cllr Mike Blakemore - 0:36:14
that would be confusing, Councillor Blake more to second as well.
if I didn't yeah.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:36:20
Cllr Mike Blakemore - 0:36:23
I would just like to say that you know we need to go full steam ahead
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:36:27
on this are being we we
we can't we can't be left behind with this, it's not going to cost us anything and I think I think we should get on with it.
sorry, anyone else wanting to speak
I says because I think it's great that this district is leading the
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:36:45
way in Kent with this, and it's so important with eaves that it's a
Cllr Mike Blakemore - 0:36:48
real chicken and egg situation if you can't expect people to adopt a VS in significant numbers unless you provide the infrastructure for that so it's brilliant we're doing that.
councillor private.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:37:02
yeah, just very briefly, I really welcome the inclusion of making sure
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:37:04
that we're speaking to.
by district.
ward colleagues about the proposed sites there and also the town and parish councils, all councillors via those councils.
because they are, we we've named some specific sites in most places and just just like their view of any that are that they feel would be really unsuitable for that, I hope that they're going to be really enthused by having these in their area, but I do understand that the paper talks about them coming in blocks of four or six spaces and for some locations that might be quite. a lot,
so it is important that we get that we take people with us and we take that those town and parish councils with us on this, as opposed to end up with a friction at the end, that's why I think it's just really important we have that conversation upfront.
yeah, I think that's that's a point well made that you know we can't
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:37:58
we can't apply one rule fits all here, we're talking about religious,
what we're talking about town centres, so so we've we've got to be clever about how we do this, but it's essential work and I think we should get on with it.
anyone else wishing to speak.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:38:16
so OK, can I ask all those in favour to please indicate?
jolly good or anyone against
any abstentions.
that is carried, thank you very much.

13 Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HEELA)

Cllr Jim Martin - 0:38:33
item 13 housing and economic land availability assessment, the healer
this report sets out what a healer is that's good, that's a good start and how we plan to produce one, this is an important evidence base document needed when reviewing a local plan to identify sufficient land to meet the District's housing need.
over the plan period and if I could just
draw your attention to the recommendations. recommendation 1 is to receive and note that's fine recommendation 2 is to agree that officers call out sorry, carry out a call for sites and methodology, a public consultation in early autumn,
subject to the recommendation. This is so it is. It is a call for sites and in item 3 is cabinet gives delegated authority to the Assistant Director of governance law or service delivery in consultation with the Leader, to make any minor amendments to the methodology at following consultation. So shall it's it, it's essentially the call for sites, but if we're not quite right on on the consultation that we can, we can tweak it as we as we go
and on happy to move the motion
would anyone care to second
Councillor Fuller's,
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:40:03
would you want to speak to it?
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:40:08
jolly good
weather at it and anyone else wishing to speak.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:40:13
now, so could I ask for a vote in favour to please indicate?
those against
and any abstentions.
thank you very much, that's carried.

14 Solar Park Opportunity - Lympne

ITEM 14 is
the solar park opportunities at limb pages
2 8 7 2 2 9 6
this report sets out an opportunity for a solar park at limb adjoining the a tipple park development and makes recommendations that the opportunity be further explored, so all the paper gives authority for ease to do some more work on this is not a decision
with regard to having a solar farm or not, it's really just a decision to explore
so yeah. three recommendations received a note
authority to explore
to continue to soft market testing.
and to no detailed business case will be brought back to us, so this isn't it isn't a business case, this isn't the?
it's just a decision to
explore or not to explore.
I know on all Councillor shoe.
or your other day out, cos you've you've declared sorry, Rebecca
sorry about that and so yeah, so I'm happy to move the motion if anyone will get a second
Councillor Colin Blakemore, thank you very much.
would you like to speak to it or
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:42:01
would anyone else want to speak to it
or Councillor Bryter,
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:42:09
I think it's really important that we look at
options like this. I think, as you say it's it's important that we're clear at this stage that we're not saying yes or no, but the we're interested in seeing
what sort of size it would sit in what sort of
return it would make financially, compared with the current use of the site that we're interested in, say what sort of generation capacity it would bring and how that sits against the needs of the district and, of course, a whole, but it sounds like a really valuable thing for pursuing,
and it's it's important that we're looking creatively at land, which we own and making sure that we are doing the best thing I financially and environmentally and in terms of energy stability, etc at this stage. This is not something which Putin can turn off,
it is power which we can use. This is power which we can use every day that the sun happens,
and that's him that's going to be important for us as a district and the country, as we go forward, as to have our own that resilience ourselves,
and it's also carbon
carbon, less generation. That is also important and helps us achieve some of our carbon aims as well. I think it is important that we look at it. I'm very pleased to see this paper come to us. I would like to I look forward to a paper coming back with some more detail around. or opportunities if they do exist
councillor Speaker,
Cllr Jeremy Speakman - 0:43:41
so we're also meeting shortly with
Councillor Scott from the cabinet member for climate environment, and it'll be one of our areas, I think we will be looking at it as a sort of joint climate stroke asset approach, which I think will be very interesting, one of the first projects we're working together on that hopefully that will continue great, thank you.
jolly good. Thank you, or anyone else wishing to speak. Councillor Fowler,
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:44:04
yeah, just
sort of mentioned, the be useful too, even though this is clearly only
Cllr Gary Fuller - 0:44:10
a scoping exercise to to make the local parishes aware that we are scoping at the earliest opportunity
so that we don't get that sort of perception that we're that everything's affected completely, as it were,
so it would be useful if we can, at the very least point them at the report, as it were, the local parishes and say that were we Scoping South we're seeing if it's practical, no decisions are made, take a look, see what you think be ready for when the time comes to speak to you
and if we could do that there be great
yet very wise words, Councillor Fuller, the
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:44:44
then and this must not be confused with the Stone Street solar park or yourself
and, or Penn Farm, which is another solar park, that's that's been proposed.
so proposed by me and seconded by Councillor Prater. all those in favour.
I was sorry, sorry, so sorry, Councillor Blake more, I am very sorry Bolick, so I don't in favour.
please indicate
no, no, no, no.
are those against
any abstentions,
thank you very much letter carried.

15 Ship Street Development - Update

and the final item on the agenda, you'll be delighted to hear.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:45:36
he said it.
I seem to have an out of date, the Chamber okay well.
thank you very much.
not my agenda pack,
is someone else.
so this is Ship Street development
and just to read a summary, this report outlines recent work that has been undertaken on the Ship Street development and seeks additional pre-development works, budget to be allocated to the project, to ensure commercial viability of the development proposals and enable reports to be instructed which are required to be submitted as part of the planning application.
and I'm happy to move it.
does anyone care to second
Councillor Mike Blake, nor would you like to speak to this man? it would anyone else care to speak to Ship Street,
poor overlook Ship Street.
overlooking Ship Street,
Cllr Tim Prater - 0:47:12
I think it's important just that we know how important the Ship Street site is to Folkestone, it's being
derelict unused for longer than I've existed,
not longer than gyms existed, but longer than I've existed.
admits it's a piece of work that if we can start to see that being brought back to life and become a place for homes which ties so well to the both the east side of the focus and the centre of Folkestone, it's gonna be a massively important regeneration project for our town.
clearly we don't want to see as much of affordable housing in there as possible as many opportunities for homes
for both on our HRA, so both council homes and other affordable homes for rent,
but that's a piece of work that happens subsequent to this first you've got to learn as much as you need to about the site in terms of de-risking it and bring it forward, which is what this reports around, but I think it's just. really important. We don't lose sight of how important Ship Street is and how expensive Ship Street is as a development opportunity over the course of the next few years. I'm sure that this Council is going to work in a way that it's make sure that it's able to bring that forward
at at little net cost to the Council as humanly possible.
But it's really really credible people. Don't look at this and think it's a couple of houses somewhere somewhere over there. It's a really important development for folks that it's really important that we can deliver this, and I look forward to the this coming back after it's been after this stage has moved forward
I agree wholeheartedly, I think in many ways Ship Street is.
Cllr Jim Martin - 0:48:57
a signal you know, is it such an important site that, if we get on and get this developed, I think that will really as signal in many ways
yes, it's not all about the harbour and the seafront there are other parts of Folkestone that are being regenerated and and I think it's very, very important that we get on and do a Ship Street as quickly as we can
so on. On the proposer, you'll have the cath report, a second or
Councillor Speakman, to second
all those in favour, please indicate.
jolly good anyone against any abstentions.

16 Otterpool Park LLP - Appointments to the Otterpool Park LLP Board

Jessica, thank you very much, so enter onto my final item,
which is everybody's final item.
draft multiple park
all LP appointments to the Ospel Park LP board. and this report makes recommendations regarding a board of article part LP, and sets out proposed changes to increase the size of the board and review the skill mix to reflect good governance.
and principles, and to support the delivery of this significant long-term
place shaping project, and just to add,
we are something of a crossroads with regard to article park,
a huge amount of work has been done in the site assembly.
and then achieving planning, these are major major things that have been achieved.
but now we look to another phase in the life of the development, and this one will be very much construction orientated, so the what the paper is
talking about expanding the the Board of Governors.
the the board of directors, sorry and.
also looking for a better skills mix as we go into this different phase,
and it's
I'm happy to move it because to me in its common sense, that we should be doing this if I could have a seconder.
Councillor Procter to second that would you like to speak to this Councillor Procter,
do we get anyone else wishing to speak to it, no OK,
all those in favour, please indicate?
anyone against
any abstentions.
all that remains for me, then, is to thank you for your attendance, and we did very well getting
although items within an hour so well done everyone, and thank you to all of the officers that have supported us so well through this, thank you.